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Free Hot Water Vessel Service/Check With Every Full Boiler Service


Whether it is an unvented hot water cylinder or an Open vented cylinder or even a Thermal Store

 Hot water storage vessels are common in new and old properties throughout Scotland and are controlled by electrically powered mechanical  parts. When these parts fail it can and does usually mean that your hot water and central heating go off line. To  avoid this have it serviced

We will give your hot water vessel a FREE service/maintenance check with every


Now only 60.00p inc FREE heating Insp.







All Appliances Need Servicing!


Why Have Your Gas Boiler Serviced ?

Many of us might see an annual gas boiler service as an unnecessary expense - everything seems to be running fine, so why bother, right? Wrong!

Your Gas Boiler and Central Heating System, just like your car, need a little care from time to time to ensure they're running as they should be. And, just like your car's MOT, the primary reasons for this are EFFICIENCY and SAFETY.

Gas boiler servicing and efficiency

Although we charge only 60 for this task having your Gas Boiler serviced could actually save you money and having this done on a regular basis will ensure the safe operation of your appliance. The main reason for this is that deposits build up inside the boiler and central heating system which reduce the efficiency of the system ,you may even have incomplete combustion which is not only inefficient but very dangerous this means higher gas bills for you and risks to your safety! An annual service from a reputable tradesman will include a thorough clean of any dirty parts or deposits, bringing your boiler's efficiency level back up, and all safety checks including test for inefficient combustion and correct operation of all safety devices.





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